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Volume One, The First Marine/ Cronicals of "Red Mike"

Posted on Fri Sep 13th, 2019 @ 3:53am by MAR-Major Michael Redmond & MAR-Sergeant Major Rarraka Natail

Location: Marlow IV, Harris City
Timeline: June Third, 2386

The situation on Marlow IV was a total disaster. Major General Kendra Former had lost several key people at the marine headquarters in a suicide bombing. The coordinated attacks on isolated marine positions spread out in a peacekeeping buffer zone three hundred kilometers long were being over run buy hundreds of Desmond insurgents bent on total destruction. She had very few options left as the role of the Seventh Marine Regiment was strictly defined as peacekeepers. But that situation was done as formal diplomatic relations had completely broken down. The Desmond faction was very lightly armed, mostly high powered ballistic weapons, but their numbers were plentiful. The command center was mostly destroyed and communications were limited, the insurgents had pulled off a coordinated attack on all of her units.

The staff, or what was left of it had received several distress calls from checkpoints and small fire bases pleading for help. Some did receive limited air support and were barely holding out. But the marine air units were running out of ordinance quickly. The fourth marines had one platoon in Harris, a large settlement in a steep valley basin. The last they had last heard was the platoon leader Lieutenant Light was killed buy some sort of primitive rocket and the platoon sergeant was in command. Of her seventy one Marines she had less than thirty left capable of combat. Dawn would soon be coming. But the platoon was completely surrounded on the south side of Harris occupying a church and unable to shoot their way out with their wounded. Everyone knew if something wasn't done quickly those Marines would be gone. The Desmond's took no prisoners.

General Former looked towards her staff and started gathering her resources best as she could. In the end there was one Captain left. He drew the short stick and would lead the relief to Harris. Former didn't even know Captain Redmond. He was quiet and a loner in the regiment. He was assigned to Intel and generally not in command of a platoon. She felt bad assigning him to the one task, sure that he would fail horribly, but she had to send someone. She gave Redmond her best platoon from Charlie Company and told him to relieve and re-occupy Harris at all costs.

Captain Redmond quickly assembled his platoon on the shuttle taxiway. He had thirty marines, most of them were experienced and knew what was coming their way. Mike was sure they had serious doubts about his combat experience. But this was a desperate situation. Redmond had them loaded heavy, which in marine jargon meant all the ammo they could pack on they did. As Mike stood before them they all seemed like giants in heavy battle armor.

“Listen up, we're air landing two kilometers from our objective. The landing zone is not secure and most likely hostile. As soon as we hit the ground we need to start moving. All fire teams assemble an assault line north of the LZ and wait for orders, use coms and stay in contact. My call sign is red mike. Lets load up.”

The six marine shuttles few in low, it was still dark. Shielded from the city of Harris by a low ridge. The marines could hear gunfire and explosions. They quickly formed the assault line and Captain Redmond moved forward with two marines to the top of the ridge overlooking the city. The platoon waited several minutes until they got word from red mike to move up to his position. Redmond looked down. The city was on fire, it was very clear the marines were surrounded in a large compound that looked like a church. There was far more insurgents than believed involved. But after several hours of battle the insurgents we're over confident that no help would be arriving for the marines holed up in the church. Keeping them pinned down while they systematically murdered every inhabitant they could drag from their homes. Redmond looked to his platoon sergeant. “Give me four good men and a medic, you take the rest and sweep to the left hard. Create as much distraction as you can but keep moving and not get pinned down. I'll move to the church and bust through to them.” The platoon sergeant smiled. It was just the right plan. He briefed his fire teams and departed for the city below. It wasn't long before the sweeping force made contact with the unsuspecting insurgents. Mike patiently waited as the fire then intensified to a pitched firefight. The sweeping element moved perfectly to the west of the city center drawing insurgents from the church. Soon the battle shifted Mike Redmond and his five marines moved in.

Staff Sergeant Natail heard the direction of fire change. She was laying beside her dead platoon commander. The marines had some protection from a low wall around the church however couldn't return fire without getting picked off. Most of her marines were wounded, the most critical were in the church being attended to by the last corpsman she had alive. But something was happening. It had to be relief coming in as she could here a intense firefight to the north of the church. Natail yelled to marines to check fire that she believed relief was close. Those words were clear a minute later as three green flares illuminated the church and a large marine in full battle armor came flying over the wall landing hard on the pavement. The marine stood and was clearly directing fire to others outside the walls as he walked towards her. He was a giant in black smoldering plate armor. She was unable to stand at first due to a slight leg wound on her right thigh. She struggled to her feet.

Redmond had made it to the compound after a mad dash across a deadly crossfire directed at him by the insurgents surrounding the church. Ballistic rounds battered his armor even cracking it in a few spots, but it held. His dive over the wall was classic running back and out of control. He saw the sergeant and lifted his dark visor. “Report.” was all he said.

“Half are down hard we need a corpsman. I lost one of mine right off the bat. Until now we have been surrounded and pinned down. This is our designated defensive position. All my marines are accounted for including the dead.” She was clear and distinct in her report, but a very hard pill to swallow.

Captain Redmond smiled. “Help is on the way sergeant, I'll get a corpsman here in a few.” Just as he spoke four more marines came flying over the wall. One was clearly thrown and was severely wounded with parts of his helmet blown away. One of the new arrivals was medical and immediately started to dress the mans wound. Mike turned and looked around, “Whats your name and call sign sergeant?”

“Staff sergeant Natail Sir, call sign little spike four.” Mike took another quick look around.

“Ok, you need to hold this position. You have done some outstanding work here so far. I have a sweep element trying to push these insurgents hard. But their gonna need some help here in the city center. Just hold on here until I can clear them out. I'll leave my medic here with you. He has direct com with my unit. As soon as we get these guys out of town we can call for evac. Understood?” Natail looked up and nodded she understood as several rounds few into the compound hitting one more of her marines.

Mike called the platoon leader on the sweep team as he took a knee and started reloading. “August, whats your situation out there?” A voice returned quickly.

“We caught them with their pants down right from the start. I have two down but moving with us. The insurgents split up, some headed your way. We have the rest moving off and we're tearing those guys up pretty hard.”

“How many are coming this way?” Mike asked just as heavy fire swept again into the compound.

“Close to twenty, maybe more skipper.”

“I'm coming straight through town. I'll drive them back towards you if I can.”

Redmond gathered some ammo from Natail's marines. She looked towards the captain, “We'll come with you.” she spoke firmly.

“Nope, your marines have no armor. I got this. Just hold here in case we need to roll back.” With that order he winked at the Sergent and smiled as he shut and secured his visor. The captain jumped over the wall and sprinted across the street. Rounds bouncing off his armor. He dove through a shattered storefront and immediately started taking out insurgents. Within seconds the store was cleared and the other two marines followed. The first hint of dawn had come to Harris.

Rarraka Natail and the marines all listened to the coms as the battle raged on. Block after city block it was the same. Red Mike was assaulting through buildings and across streets under intense fire with his two man team, leaving a wide path of destruction in their wake. The sweep team was firmly in position and as insurgents attempted to escape the city they were repulsed. It was what old marines call the rock and hammer.... Red Mike was the hammer.

Natail looked up as several marine shuttles landed in the street, marines in full combat armor by the dozens moved towards the center of battle. One group came to the church. They were mostly medics and moved to all the wounded quickly. The marine standing in front of her snapped to attention and saluted. The small Major General returned the salute and walked over to Rarraka who was still standing with her leg in a splint.

General Former shook her hand. And spoke softly. She apologized for the delay and praised Natail and her Marines for holding out. As they stood the battle raged on. Red mike was moving ahead again. They listened to his progress over the coms and could here gunfire and rocket explosions intensify.

Soon it was silent, dead silent. Several calls had been made to Red Mike without response. Then came the dreaded response from one of his team members. “Control, Red Mike is down, I need medical up here right now. The area is secure, as he took out the last bunker full of them.”

The wind collectively went out of every marine listening. Was he dead? It just couldn't be true. General Former took off with her security detail to the city center at a run. They passed dead insurgents for seven city blocks, dozens of them. It was true carnage, burning buildings and broken glass everywhere.

Redmond was flat on his back, he had been blown out of a building and landed in the street. The medics swarmed around him. General Former called for a shuttle to land close by. She leaded over the crowd to look at the Captain, and it didn't look good at all. One of his legs was twisted at a horrible angle, his upper armor was actually melting and his full face helmet was completely crushed in on the right side. One gloved hand was jerking involuntarily. The medics argued about taking his helmet off until he could get to a surgery center. But he unresponsive and alive.The medics packed him up and headed for the shuttle at a run. Red Mikes battle was over. A new fight would begin.


STATEMENT OF WITNESS, Lance Corporal Jonathan Gold.

On June Third 2386, I was assigned as support team gunner to Captain Redmond's fire team in the relief of Harris. Myself and four other marines breached the besieging insurgents on the south end of the city. During this relief I personally observed Captain Redmond attack numerous insurgent strong points under extreme close range fire eliminating all opposition in his path. He proceeded to the first rally point and gathered additional ammunition and relieved the compound of surrounded and wounded marines. Captain Redmond co-ordinated a attack on the center of the enemy positions.

As other marine units gathered to the north, myself and Corporal Allen Jenks followed Captain Redmond into the city center assaulting and clearing a path, sending the insurgents towards the rest of the platoon. Captain Redmond would locate insurgents and advance on their positions time after time, then call back for us to move up behind his position. Then he would advance again. At one point he called for us to move up, he was out of ammunition after engaging six of the enemy. When I got to him his rifle had been blown from his hand, and he engaged the insurgents with a brick killing two of them just as I arrived. A quick field dressing was applied to his hand. I noted at the time that he had several deep wounds to his left leg. Captain Redmond took a spare rifle I had brought along and set off out in front of us towards another enemy position. The next time we moved up I could see blood running down both of his arms passing through his armor. Corporal Jenks and I suggested that we hold up at that location until support arrived. He ignored our requests several times.

We made contact with the rest of the platoon on the north of the city. However one stronghold of insurgents was placing accurate fire and refused to surrender. Captain Redmond moved down the street under cover and assaulted the position. It was then he was struck a glancing blow buy a self propelled rocket blowing the Captain out of the position and killing all the remaining insurgents.



Field evaluation non conclusive. Subject was further evaluated by Captain Evander Holds. attending surgeon at Meeks Medical Center on Marlow Four. Transcripts partial as noted.

Subject arrived at 1300 hours on June Third by air landed transport. Subject was unresponsive but breathing with manual ventilator assistance. Patient was quickly admitted and placed in trauma two. Body armor was removed including helmet and bleeding stabilized.

Initial scans were disturbing. They included, A fractured lower skull Right side, crushed mandibular. Broken cervical collar on both sides, fractured left arm, Spinal displacement from Lumbar seven to nine. Broken femur right side. Ruptured spleen Left lung collapsed.

Additional scans after primary surgery included eight severe soft tissue puncture wounds from shrapnel projectiles and several apparent knife wounds in the lower left leg.

Subject was placed in Stasis per resident Neurosurgeon Adam Sampson, MDS. Scheduled for surgery in twelve hours due to cranial swelling. Referred to Starfleet Medical for further care.

June Tenth, 2386. Patient is stable for transport to Brooks Medical Facility on Sol. Subject shall remain in Stasis until further evaluation conducted.


July Tenth 2386. Captain Redmond, Michael SFMC

Subject has arrived in stasis and stabilized. Medical team has elected to begin work on patients spine.
Surgery was performed by Adolfus Reyback, PHD,MD. Surgery reports indicate success and that patient remains in stasis for ten additional days to be kept immobile.

July Twenty First, 2386 Neurology reports active brain activity. Subject removed from stasis. Preliminary reports the subject consciousness has begun. However some memory issues remain. Patient is kept under heavy sedation for pain.

August Twenty Ninth 2386. Patient has mentally recovered, memory is fully recalled and attitude above normal in consideration. Rehab therapy begins. Patient is place in private quarters at Brooks Medical.


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