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Sleep Now in the Fire

Posted on Wed Aug 14th, 2019 @ 9:58am by SCI-Ensign Lilix & CMD-Crewman Recruit Raphaƫlle Carlin & OPS-Ensign Kestra Shazi

Location: Airlock, Docking Bays
Timeline: February 2390

"You guys all good back there?" Rafi Carlin calls back over her shoulder at the group of ensigns strapped into the shuttlecraft sent down to Rigel's surface to pick up the newest batch of Starfleet ensigns assigned to Prometheus, and she has to say she's feeling a little left out given that most of the occupants are Betazoids. Her antennae twist and lay back on her head unconsciously, prickling at the psionic energy in the air.

Lilix grins and presses his knee against Kestra's. They've only just met, but he's familiar to her already, his mind wide open and eager for discovery. Of other people, places-there are no hidden aspects to him, kept in line only by what Kestra herself is willing to take. She knows that he's studying nursing, that he's not ordinarily verbal (Betazoids who develop telepathy early on are much less likely to be, although Lilix isn't unstable, unlike many who end up so), and that he was raised on Botchok and belongs to an Orion clan who've sent him to study the Federation. He doesn't respond with words, but a sensation of all good fills the cabin.

By contrast, their pilot's mind is guarded, not by any conscious direction but because that's the nature of psi-nulls, they're self-protective, and aren't accustomed to mental poking and prodding. "We'll be arriving at Prometheus shortly. Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times," she throws a salute over her shoulder.

Kestra smiles at the joke, returning an eager thumbs up towards their pilot. Although she'd made ensign a year or two ago, this was going to prove her first proper posting, and her excitement at the prospect was more than clear to people who shared a telepathic link to her. Her mind yearned to share it with anyone and everyone, and it made no secret of it. "What's it like?" She can't help but ask, aiming the question towards Rafi, having been unable to learn anything from her protected mind.

"I'm a little unusual," Rafi says off the bat. "I'm Captain Carlin's daughter, so my experience isn't typical. I'm also not an officer or an NCO. I'm part of Foxview's flight internship program-different curriculum altogether," she chats as she disengages them from the automatic aerocapture that breaking orbit naturally tries to tug them into. "Universally speaking, though? Hectic. Shi-I mean, uh, stuff," wince, listen-there's a reason she was sent to literal military school, but Rafi isn't a bad kid, she's just hyperactive and possessed of spirited, aggressive energy. She's also not that grumpy, despite what most people thought about Andorians. In fact, she's downright chipper. "-is just beginning to come online. Expect to log a lot of construction and repair hours, on your billet."


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