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    Ratan Polis stands trial for his crimes as a prominent leader of the Laile Resistance.
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  • holy, holy »
    Ratan Polis stands trial for his crimes as a prominent leader of the Laile Resistance.
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Nova Style Guide

Created by CMD-Captain Yona Carlin on Fri Jul 12th, 2019 @ 7:01pm

First Look

In order to write a joint post (a JP, or a post is simply a completed thread between you and other players), click the link [Writing Entries] on the purple toolbar up top. Next you'll want to hit [Write Mission Post]. (Optional: You can click show/hide at this point to toggle a drop-down that explains our sim's current sitewide plot.) Next, under authors, click Please Select the Authors and a drop-down will show you a listing of available characters to write with.

Select who you want to write with, do not forget to add your own character or you won't be able to see the post once you save it. You can choose anything for a title, but if the post contains explicit sexual content, please put [18+] in front of it. You can be as vague or specific about location as you'd like.

Under timeline, you can use the specific date and time within 2390, or go as vague as the approximate month. Our sim uses a fluid time scale which means that you can assume today's date is the subsequent date in 2390. We don't really keep track of it all that closely, and we don't use mission days. When we do any significant jumps ahead we'll let you know and everyone will be able to plan accordingly.

Once you are finished writing your tag for your character, press SAVE. This is important, because if you hit POST, that will send your unfinished project to everyone on the sim in its incomplete state. To edit a post you're currently working on, simply hit Writing Entries again and you'll be able to see a list of all your active topics.

It should be noted that unlike on many sims, Prometheus doesn't follow the format of ON/OFF tags or signing posts at the end.

Nova also comes with a system designed for Personal Logs. On most sims personal logs are used the way they are in the series-for your character to narrate events in first person, which you are still absolutely free to do. For solo posts you should select [Write Personal Log] if you wish to do a single post with just your character. It could be your character's arrival aboard the station, it could be an event in their past. If you aren't writing with another character, don't use mission posts, use Personal Logs.

Our site is also home to Thresher, our in-house Wiki. This is how we do plots and plot sign-ups. If you'd like to run a plot (and you don't need to ask permission to do this-seriously, you don't, the way plots work is that only those who sign up are participating, people who don't want to participate can merely ignore the plot entirely) simply [Create a New Page] on our Wiki and place it under the category ARCS. You can then [Post a News Item] about your plot.

Making New Characters

Click on Control Panel and scroll down to Create Character. Make sure it's listed as a Non-Playing Character, and then let one of the command staff know to link it up for you.

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