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  • holy, holy »
    Ratan Polis stands trial for his crimes as a prominent leader of the Laile Resistance.
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    Compilation for Brandt and Layil.

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  • holy, holy »
    Ratan Polis stands trial for his crimes as a prominent leader of the Laile Resistance.
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    Kes Narae and Cameron Koch wake up in a research facility and must figure out how to get home.


Created by CMD-Captain Yona Carlin on Sun Jul 7th, 2019 @ 3:06pm

All faceclaims are default UNSHARED (meaning that once they are in play, they cannot be claimed by anyone else) unless the player in question specifically tells me they can be shared. A shared face claim becomes unshared automatically when another player picks them up. Example: I play as Rashida Jones. If Betty makes a character using Rashida Jones, that actress will then default to unshared status, so only myself and Betty may use her.


Faceclaims below are SHARED.
    Rashida Jones as Yona Carlin
    Craig Horner as Hiram Maitland
    Josh Holloway as Lilix Rayyah
    Kat Graham as Raphaëlle Carlin
    Peter Gallagher as Jherynn Lan
    Charlie Hunnam as Kes Narae
    Gareth Nyandoro as Kijja Seshanshaya
    Lucas Till as Arev Ritri
    Marie Avgeropoulos as Bedami Tayeh
    Alexander Gould as Tareil Shaethan
    Rodolfo Sancho as Layil Kaithra
    Santiago Cabrera as Ayhan Kaithra
    Dominic West as Sajen Granis
    Goran Višnjić as Jacran Toreel
    Angel Bonanni as Alan Ganna
    Robert Carlyle as Ratan Polis


Faceclaims below are UNSHARED.
    Timothy Olyphant as Brandt Grayson
    Frank Grillo as Winborn Rikon
    Ian Bohen as Prescott Wells
    Jaimie Alexander as Nathaniel Jacoby
    Katee Stackhoff as Katarina O'Hara


Faceclaims below are UNSHARED.
    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Nathan Braddock
    Alicia Vikander as Kestra Shazi
    Phoebe Tonkin as Inra Nix

Pizza Dog

No current faceclaims.


Faceclaims below are UNSHARED.
    Chris Carmack as Levi Forbes
    Jennifer Wigmore as Valeria Sorru
    David Paetkau as Cameron Koch
    Nick Youngquest as Lucas Teghtmeyer


Faceclaims below are UNSHARED.
    Clint Eastwood as Michael Redmond
    Natalie Dormer as Rarraka Natail
    Keanu Reeves as Gabriel Seven


Faceclaims below are UNSHARED.
    Matt Dallas as Callum Ryan
    Alexander Chabert-Ryan
    David Loren as Jacob Anderson


Faceclaims below are UNSHARED.
    Matt Bomer as Noah Reed

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